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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Valis' Short Sleeve Shrug

Decided to share a new free pattern. Progress photos to come soon. I added a few knitting how to videos from YouTube. Enjoy!
The Plan:
1. Size 8/24 inch circular needles to work project back and forth.
2. 4 Stitch markers.
3. Worsted weight yarn. For this project,1 Skein-Total of 250-350 yds.
4. Darning needle.
5. Scissors.
6. Measurements: Worked in Garter Stitch.
7. Gauge: 18 stitches (sts) per 4 inches.
(For example, I am 32 inches measured from elbow to elbow across.
I am a plus size and I am doing a short sleeve shrug as a prototype.)
8. Gauge: 24 rows per 4 inches.
(For example, I measures 15 inches from the back of the neck to the hip.)
____________inches Total Across: Elbow to Elbow

1/4 ___sts Arm      1/2___sts Neck   1/4___sts Arm      
                                                                                              ____inches Down from Back of Neck to Hip
                                                                                              ____Total Rows to knit.
 Pink shaded area is the rectangled shrug
 9. Cast on your  ___ sts.
(My cast on is 144 sts. The arms are 32 sts for each arm and 72 sts for neck.) 

The Pattern:
1. Garter stitch the first 1/4 total sts and place marker (pm), then knit (k)  1/2 total sts, pm; k the last 1/4 sts. Leave the markers there.
(For me, total of 144 sts=k36, pm, k72, pm, k36.)

2. The total amount of rows = the measurement from the back of the neck to the hip. Check your gauge on your swatch or you skein label to determine your rows.
(For me, the measurement is 15 inches. My gauge in a 4X4 swatch is 18sts X 24 rows.  (6 rows per inch X 15 inches =90 rows.)
3. Once you completed to the final row, bind off. Use scissors to cut off a very long piece of yarn. Place the second set of markers as in step 1 so as to keep the markers in place to sew with the darning needle the 2 arm placements.
4. Sew the 2 arm placements together.
5. Try on your new shrug.
6. Try any stitch you want to use. Add a ruffle, or add fringe.  Be creative.

Remember, you make knitting magic! Valis :)