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Friday, May 28, 2010

Still working on the design...

Feeling better since yesterday. Pretty much rested and took it easy. I started thinking of this projected I worked on the other day. I decided that that this would be great as a blanket using this motif as a border around a square. I haven't thought out yet what the body needs to be. If the border stands out, then probably make it a garter stitch body. Sometimes, basic is good. Anyway, here are some pics to see my quirky process.
I hope everyone has a safe and thoughtful Memorial Weekend. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, we knitters are passionate about our work.
With warm regards, Valis

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's hear it for the Crocheters!

As much as I love knitting, I am a faster crocheter. They both create such beautiful fabrics.

My absolute favorite is Lyn's Ripple Blanket. This pattern can also be directed to Ravelry under Lyn's Round Ripple Baby Afghan if you are searching for this type of crochet pattern. There is a slightly different rhythm in crocheting that I like. You don't have to worry about a series of lost stitches and usually the instructions are pretty straightforward.
Now, with that said, I love using this particular pattern because it is so pretty and yet simple to make. You can use any type of yarn and make it as big or as small as you like. This pattern comes from a charity link  and is available for free. I have seen such smiles and gestures of gratitude from family, friends, and strangers because it is not your usual square blanket and all the creativity put into this project says so much to the recipient. Does that make sense? Like I stated before, I love to give not for attention but for true essence of helping others. Maybe, that's why I am a nurse.
You would think while I am sick at this time, I would get that. I do now. I've heard it said that nurses are the worst patients. Well, I know my husband was the patient one. (Sorry for the pun.)

To pull this altogether, I forgot how much I enjoyed making the afghans for those who are in need. It so happens to be in crochet that is fun to do. So I challenge the knitters who do not crochet, to at least get this pattern, hook up on You Tube and learn this  craft. If you can knit, you can crochet. It's all loop d loops!
To those who are crocheters, hook up to this pattern and make a few to donate to a church or your local LYS.
Tell me what your thought are. Remember, there is no right or wrong. We are just sharing ideas:) Valis

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Pics and Free Patterns to share

Have new pics that my husband uploaded. these are in Ravelry, too.
The first one is from a pattern named Concentric Square. This one is almost completed and will be saved for a newborn or as a comfort blanket.

This is another shawl pattern in progress which is called "10 in 2010" shawl by Janine La Cras. I'm now close to the decorative lace border. This was made with Red Heart French Country colorway. I just love the colors.

I stumbled on this pattern named "Oh, so many Sock Remnants Shawl" by Nancy Nagle. She used in her pattern, several sock remanants. I am usingthis delightful Japanese Noro Silk Garden Sock  and it is soooooo pretty. The yarn is so great to work with. It's a work in progress. Looking forward to completing soon.

These three patterns are free and available in Ravelry or the highlighted to the designer's website. I hope you enjoy this knitting journey as I have. Happy Magic Knitting! Valis

Still Resting...

Still resting from this virus. Had a moment to read patterns...too tired to knit. I thought I was finished with my Citron shawl. This was made with Berroco Vintage Yarn in blue-green heather. Link in to Ravelry and the pattern is there.Very easy to follow and fun to make. I am thinking that I could make several for Christmas gifts. Realized that there wasn't a pic to share. Well, here's one and I do encourage you to try this shawl and tell me what you think.
Oh, I want to introduce you to the Knitting How To video next to the post. If you need to search any type of knitting stitch, cast on , or's there for you.
Till next time, Valis

Monday, May 24, 2010

Working on a Design

Just came back from the doctor's office. I have an  infection in both ears and an viral intestinal bug. Double Whammy! The poor doc asking questions and I'm answering everything wrong because I  can't hear him correctly and sounding like a complete idiot. Thank goodness my husband was there to help...or laugh at the fiasco.
Couldn't do much on knitting, lately but I did try to write a motif design on graph paper and make a couple of swatches. I used a worsted weight of 2 colors-it was a bit bulky. I tried a DK weight at it looked better. Perhaps, when I feel better, I can make a shrug using the motifs for the cuffs. I share ideas-you should try it with any special stitch knit you may favor.
I didn't have the camera since I was resting, but I did get a couple of phone pics to share.

If you get a desire to see any photos of my knitting work-I'm on Ravelry as Valis.

By the by, the primary circular knitting blanket  seen at the top pic was one of my first attempts at circular pi shawls. I was fortunate to give this to a new baby of a friend of ours and we are excited of his new family addition.
Will see you soon! Valis

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Time to Share

Welcome to my first official post.  OK, so I am not fancy in computer savvy. But I do know knitting. I am enormously and helplessly addicted to the yarn and its magic. Yes, magic. Oh, the sliding of the yarn and the clickety click of the needles into a web of beautiful items. Have you ever felt that great sense of accomplishment when your project is done? That's magic. Do you dream of colors and your head is spinning to get started on another project? (Keep in mind you may have 10 other projects in transient.) Are you on Ravelry to see what the next pattern to try and see the pretty recently completed projects and be drawn in to the magnetic pull? Oh yeah...magic. That is me, too.
I love to knit and crochet and whatever is completed at this point in my life, I have given to others as a gift. I just give to give. No reason and nothing to expect in return. But at times,  I have seen the awesome smile and gasp of a new mother receiving a new knitted blanket for her baby . I have held the hand of a sick patient and given a comfort shawl to let them know I care. All in all, the gestures are very powerful and I feel fulfilled. What is knitting to you? Let me know.