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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Triangle Shawl Design

Hey, everyone! Been pretty busy, lately. Feeling better-almost like someone turned the lights back on. Finally went back to work.
Off today and started a new triangle shawl with a new edging I worked on yesterday. My husband was tired of me using phone pics and just bought me a new camera. So, all the photos here are from part phone and the new camera. I feel really good because he says he believes in me. That is so awesome. I'm just having a great time just trying to do something different  and outside of my comfort zone in attempting to make new items not only for myself but also to share with you.
This is not from center down but at the bottom point. You can make make your standard center down and try making it the size you want, either a kerchief or a shawl-then pick up stitches around and add your favorite  edging. This is great for a prayer or comfort shawl. I love self-striping yarn and I love the way it makes it own personality.
So, enjoy the pics and tell me what you think. With regards, Valis :)