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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi everyone!
Yep, it has been a while but now I have final news to share with you. 
As of today, Valis' Crochet and Valis' Knitting Moment Blogs will
now be PJ Crafts in Austin. My avatar, Valis now ceases to exist.

I am now PJ Crafts in Austin in and I am PJ.
This was a hard decision due to making a go at a business and under my
own company name.
I will add the connection to the new blog 
as reference to former free patterns and also, considering the change at
Ravelry and Knitpicks.

The new blog  features not only my new patterns, but other avenues of my 
designs in upcycling, felting, and even sculpting.

My website in under construction and will be out soon. Yep, that takes time.

In the meantime, thanks you all for your support and encouragement in the last 
few years.
Valis, now PJ

For any inquiries or questions, please contact me at