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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Completing older projects and room...

Completing older projects and cleaning my knitting room today. That was a lot of work. I was able to take some pics and wanted to share a bit with you. Now I am not the fancy type but  boy does it looks ten times better than before. Trust me, I am sparing you the before photos.

This is my favorite working table that has been cleared off. Oh yeah, sure.

This is swatch corner.

This is from a real cool book I checked out at the library almost a year ago and just recently ordered from Amazon for a terrific price. it's called For the Love of Knitting: A Celebration of the Knitter's Art. The pictures presented in this book are amazing along with historical stories from renown knitting icons, such as Elizabeth Zimmerman  seen in the top left collage frame. The lower right individual picture are two delicately knitted tea cups and saucers. Just had to put that on the wall.

I guess when my husband and I lost everything from hurricane Ike, it was hard to start over. It is almost a year that we are now in Austin. Actually, it was  my husband  who was the one who encouraged me to put something on the wall  when we first moved here; we were very broke until my first paycheck came through. He took me to the library and as an artist, showed me this book. I took it home and it was like something really magical came back to me. That's why I have them up and when I am down  I can see them and remember there is always hope.
When I had some extra money, I found an opportunity to buy this book. I am very grateful.
Until the next time, Valis