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Monday, May 24, 2010

Working on a Design

Just came back from the doctor's office. I have an  infection in both ears and an viral intestinal bug. Double Whammy! The poor doc asking questions and I'm answering everything wrong because I  can't hear him correctly and sounding like a complete idiot. Thank goodness my husband was there to help...or laugh at the fiasco.
Couldn't do much on knitting, lately but I did try to write a motif design on graph paper and make a couple of swatches. I used a worsted weight of 2 colors-it was a bit bulky. I tried a DK weight at it looked better. Perhaps, when I feel better, I can make a shrug using the motifs for the cuffs. I share ideas-you should try it with any special stitch knit you may favor.
I didn't have the camera since I was resting, but I did get a couple of phone pics to share.

If you get a desire to see any photos of my knitting work-I'm on Ravelry as Valis.

By the by, the primary circular knitting blanket  seen at the top pic was one of my first attempts at circular pi shawls. I was fortunate to give this to a new baby of a friend of ours and we are excited of his new family addition.
Will see you soon! Valis