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Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Time to Share

Welcome to my first official post.  OK, so I am not fancy in computer savvy. But I do know knitting. I am enormously and helplessly addicted to the yarn and its magic. Yes, magic. Oh, the sliding of the yarn and the clickety click of the needles into a web of beautiful items. Have you ever felt that great sense of accomplishment when your project is done? That's magic. Do you dream of colors and your head is spinning to get started on another project? (Keep in mind you may have 10 other projects in transient.) Are you on Ravelry to see what the next pattern to try and see the pretty recently completed projects and be drawn in to the magnetic pull? Oh yeah...magic. That is me, too.
I love to knit and crochet and whatever is completed at this point in my life, I have given to others as a gift. I just give to give. No reason and nothing to expect in return. But at times,  I have seen the awesome smile and gasp of a new mother receiving a new knitted blanket for her baby . I have held the hand of a sick patient and given a comfort shawl to let them know I care. All in all, the gestures are very powerful and I feel fulfilled. What is knitting to you? Let me know.