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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day To You...

 This is what I love to receive for Valentine's Day every sweet husband seems to find them and I go crazy adding to my collection.
 This is my Diego inspired doll that my friends love to give to their sons. The monkey is another one of my favorite softies to make for my friends. Gave one with magnet hands so as to hold his banana. This one is a popular item.I made so many. Soon I will make a pattern.

Made this monkey this weekend for a friend's nephew.

Bought this crochet pattern which is fast and easy.

This unique 3 mitten project was made for a new couple and it is called Smittens.

I thought the rush for for Christmas was extremely busy, but Valentine's Day beats it hands down for me. 
This was a special order for a dear friend.

Added glue to safety eyes for added security.

Made several Sherbet Kittens found in Ravelry for free. Everyone loves them.
This was given to a patient to lift his spirits.
One girl wanted hers as a lion...cute, huh?

Made these for my bosses for VD.

Another nurse made a request to make a look-alike for her husband in his gii along with the black belt and specified details.

HK golf club cover for a little girl.
One Doctor was given a crocheted kitten for his daughter's birthday and I was commissioned to make a golf club cover with Hello Kitty theme. That was a great project to make-it was a knit-crochet combination. 

 Here are the accumulated photos that I would like to share with you. Valis