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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New photos from Valis' Crochet Moment

Crochet View a long completed shawl as laid out.
Another layout view.
Front view of Shawl as placed on with its own self button closure.
Check out the photos from Valis' Crochet Moment This is the completed Valis' CVAL Shawl group. You're invited to join on Ravelry.

The revised pattern is corrected to the first post and on here, too. Will correct the videos,soon.

Back view of shawl.

On another note....

After making several shawls, such as the smokey gray tinsel, I started to see that there was a need to increase in the middle of the shawl. Again, the pattern is corrected.

 I love the way this shawl has its own neck shaping and edging.

The next item  in this post is the new teal circular shawl that will be out soon. This was made organically and now I have to figure write out the pattern. Almost done. So that's all for now and thanks for your patience!Valis