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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crochet View A Long Continued

Our project in the video

Ok, let's get started. In order to see the video and its contents, I thought it was better to place the instructions here. We don't need eye strain.

The Plan

If you are a beginner or need a refresher, please take the time to review the following: (Referencing Lionbrand Tutorial)
Part A: The Beginning
  1. Make a chain (ch)
  2. Make a single crochet (sc)
  3. Make a double crochet (dc)
  4. Make a triple crochet (tc)
  5. Make a slip stitch (ss)
  6. Join a chain into a circle. 
  7. Make a special shell of 5dc in 1dc stitch (st)
The Set Up

To learn this pattern, I suggest any worsted weight yarn.
1 I/9 5.5mm crochet hook.
2 stitch markers. Place marker (pm)
1 pr of Scissors
1 blunt end needle for weaving in those loose threads.
Another close up example
1 measuring tape.

The Pattern: Part A Video

Round 1
  1. Chain (ch) 3. 
  2. Make a circle by slip stitch (ss) of 3rd chain into the 1st ch as a join. (Makes a tiny circle)
Round 2
  1. Ch 1 and insert the hook in the tiny hole and make a single crochet stitch (sc).
  2. Make 8 more sc in this circle.
  3. Ss the 9th st into 1st ch1.
  4. Total 9 sts.
This is where we move from the circle to a half circle to work this project back and forth.

Working back and forth


Row 3
  1. Ch 1 and turn.( This represents the first sc in the row)
  2. 1 sc in the next 2 sc and place marker (pm)
  3. 3 sc in the next sc.
  4. 1 sc in the next sc.
  5. 3 sc in the next sc.
  6. pm and 1sc in the last 3 sc.
  7. Total:13 sts

Row 4
  1. Ch 3 and turn.(This represents the first dc in the row)
  2. 1 dc in the next 2 dc and pm.
  3. 5dc in the next dc.
  4. 1 dc in the next 5 dc.
  5. 5 dc in the next dc.
  6. pm and 1 dc in the last 3 dc.
  7. Total: 21 sts.
The Pattern:  Part B Video Revised

Row 5
  1. Ch 1 and turn.
  2. 1 sc in the next 2 dc and pm.
  3. Triple crochet (tc) in the next dc.
  4. 1 sc in the next dc.
  5. Continue (tc in the next dc and 1 sc in the next dc) until you get to the last 3 dc.
  6. pm and 1 sc in the last 3 dc.
  7. Another swatch as a reference
  8. Total: 21 sts.
Row 6
  1. Ch 3 and turn.
  2. Dc in the next  2 sc and pm.
  3. Make 5 dc in the next tc.
  4. Dc in the next 13 sts.
  5. Make 5 dc in the next tc.
  6. pm and dc in the last 3 sc.
  7. Total: 29 sts.
Do you see how the pattern works? It alternates with one row of dc and the next row of tc with sc.

Row 7
  • Repeat Row 5.
Row 8
  • Repeat Row 6.

Where we stopped from Part B
Continue in this manner until the base of the shawl becomes 60-70 inches long.

15 inches from the top of the semi-circle to the base as a shawlette or go further.

The Progress

  • I know this is a short CVAL but Part C will cover Rows 7 and 8 and see the final outcome and its edging.

  • Be Creative! The purpose is to promote creativity and uniqueness.

  • You can add a picot edge or shells.

  • You can change anything on this pattern, for it is a guide to a half-circle shape.

  • Just be forgiving of my videos. After 11-12 tries, anything more than 2 minutes is tough.

  • Just enjoy and have fun with this project.
  • Don't forget: If you use lace yarn, take it slow and easy!

  • My gratitude to those who joined my Ravelry group on Valis' Crochet View-A-Long. Thanks so much!!!!!

  • Let's see those photos, and introduce yourself.
  • Don't forget to weave in ends with blunt end needle or crochet hook.
  • Remember to block your work.

    Making Crochet Magic!!! Valis